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The Hampshire Premier Football League was founded in 2007 and achieved Step 7 status in the National League structure in the following year.

Eleven of the founder members were clubs that had seceded from the Sydenhams Wessex League Division 2 and they were joined by 6 clubs from local football and Hampshire League (2004).

Apart from the Senior Division, the league runs a Combination Division made up exclusively of teams with a side in the Senior Division. No reserve sides are permitted in the Senior Division.


CHAMPIONS                                                 CUP WINNERS

2007/2008      AFCStoneham                        TeamSolent

2008/2009      Colden Common                    Paulsgrove

2009/2010      Colden Common                    AFCStoneham

2010/2011      Liphook United                      TeamSolent

2011/2012      Liphook United                       Liphook United


CHAMPIONS                                                 CUP WINNERS

2007/2008       Locks Heath Res                  Locks Heath Res

2008/2009       Paulsgrove Res                    Locks Heath Res

2009/2010      WinchesterCastleRes            Otterbourne Res

2010/2011      Liphook United Res               Liphook United Res

2011/2012      AFC StonehamRes                AFCStonehamRes

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